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All I wanted

by Randall Beaird My cousin Joe worked for the Highway Department. A few years back they were “shooting sealcoat” early one morning, a process of spraying oil on the road before dropping rock on it. The oil has an enamel … Continue reading

Shirley the lawnmower

by Randall Beaird There are lawnmowers, and there is Shirley. A few years ago (1996)my little farm (Jacksonville) had a little grass. Around April it was growing muscles and nursing a forest. I flashed lawnmower specials from the mail and … Continue reading

Old houses

by Randall Beaird Most of us have lived in houses older than our parents. You know the bathroom floor is ripe for a redo when you have to warn visitors, while pointing at the wobbly commode, “Think butterfly, not buffalo.” … Continue reading

Back to my roots

by Randall Beaird I visited a childhood friend during the summer of ’94. Doug’s family was living on a farm, a place where I spent much of my childhood. With their animals and solitude, my mind drifted back in time. … Continue reading

Driving Ms. Paula

by Randall Beaird and Paula Hancock My mother wrote a novel and attends a writer’s group to help sharpen it for publication. A couple years ago (1998) she told me about Paula, some sort of genius writer. I always wanted … Continue reading