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Launched my lessons website

by Randall Beaird

I have put some of my lessons and stories (with comprehension questions) on http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Randy-Bamboo

My free ones include my most popular story/cartoon, ”Your House of Education.”  It’s a powerful story on why school is so important (with 20 comprehension questions). It answers that simple, yet profound question, “Where will you live?” (You are building it now.)


It has also been been made into a captivating cartoon with original music/lyrics added at http://www.yourhouseofeducation.com (or by a search on youtube of the same name). Counselors and teachers around the world are having their students read/watch this inspirational story. Here’s a few of the comments…..

“WOW ~ brilliant!! I love the educational video!!
“I loved it so much I took the liberty of sharing it on Busy Bee English Teachers. I hope you don’t mind. Thank you so much!”
“I really enjoyed the cartoon. It is so creative and tells such a wonderful story.”
“That was oustanding! I will share it with my kids and my middle school students. Congratulations!”
“Kids of all ages should take the time to watch your great story!! This might wake some of them up, before it is too late!”
“The video is wonderful and very educational.”
“I liked it very much. It has a great story line and is really cute. Great Job!”
“What a powerful message! You have every right to be very proud.”

Another free story, with comprehension questions, is about my humorous 5th grade Valentine’s Day Party.









And lastly, a free set of “Context Clues” Task Cards for 5th/6th grades at


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